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Selling Your Home Advice

Selling Advice

Well you have now found one of the most efficient online ways of selling your House or Flat with our fixed price advertising you know exactly where you stand from the start No fancy small print or clauses advertise for 3 Months / 6 Months / 12 Months or Until Sold.

To sell your House Fast you will need to be prepared - really prepared. A bit like going to War, a military operation.

Everything musty have a Place and there must be a Place for everything!

The biggest problem we find through feed back is - The House some has just been to view looks like a Bomb had just gone off.

The Gardens look a mess, Grass grown, weeds popping up every where - What are the First Impressions?

First Impressions Do Matter

No matter what gossip you hear you need to start thinking as though you where buying your Property again! What was it like when you first viewed , was the Garden all nice and tidy? A few nice plants and shrubs always add a nice feel. They are very cheap now days so there is really no excuses.

The Inside of Your Property

This is an entirely different matter all together. As you well know we all have different tastes in Decoration and Design, a good job or the world would be a boring place.

Putting this aside what ever your taste in Decor it should be Clean and Tidy, if there are bits of wall paper hanging off where the dog or cat has been scratching it. Then repair it or the very least cover it up with a table or other piece of furniture when the viewers come around.

It is critical that you spend a little time preparing your Property for viewers, you may only have once chance to impress, so make it count.

If you need inspiration a good idea is to make a viewing at some one else's property similar to yours and get some ideas of how they have prepared for their sale this brings us to the last point - Time wasters and day dreamers - you are going to get quite a lot of this unfortunately, but one way to filter out those who are serious and those who are just looking to have a noise inside your House is to ask a few questions like -

Have you sold house already?

Answer is yes then get it de-listed so you do not get annoying calls and enquires .

If the answer is NO then say something like well we have group viewings on a set day so if you would like to book an appointment we can see if we can fit you in that day.

Day dreamers and time wasters account for over 90% of the contacts you receive. This big increase of time wasters is mainly down to the internet, any one can sit in a free wifi hot spot and click away all day costing them nothing to mess you around.

Now you will find if they are serious about your property they will not mind waiting for a viewing - if not then put them down as time wasters as you will find 90% of enquires you receive either have not sold their property yet or simply can not raise the money to buy yours . Straight to the point but they are the facts.


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